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just a lovely fall afternoon…{littleton family photographer}

fall is by far my favorite time for photos…families are excited about getting all dressed up and posing in front of the camera.  there is a chill in the air that creates rosy cheeks and a sense of excitement of the up-coming holidays and extended family time.

i’ve done so many sessions over the past few months it’s been a lot of fun immersing in the creativity of the process of photography and the art of building relationships with clients and friends.  those things truly are my passion in life.

here is a session from last weekend that is fresh on my mind.  what an honor it is to be asked to photograph a family year after year ( i believe this is the third year with this group!).  to be invited into my client’s lives to capture the love and changes is a privilege that i take very seriously.

i got to photograph these guys at the lake of the new neighborhood they just purchased and completely remodeled their dream house in.  no doubt lots of new memories are being created there and will for years to come.

thanks guys for trusting in me once again this year.  i love love love the connection and adoration between you guys!


so come, and slowly we will walk through green gardens and marval at this strange and sweet world.

-sylvia plath

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let me know if you’d like to schedule a portrait session. don’t be afraid of the snow or chilly weather. the best made memories are those of ordinary days.

lovely early morning light….

I love doing high school senior sessions.  There is such passion surrounding these young souls–such promise and potential.  This young lady has all of these qualities as well as poise, grace and a gentle sweetness to her personality that was so enchanting.  And wow–look at that smile!  She was easy to work with , very laid back and of course simply stunning.  I loved the connection she shared with her horses and the absolute passion for riding competitively that she expressed and worked hard over the years to develop.  We had a fun time hanging around the equestrian center in search of soft light and simple moments (and a few laughs trying to get the horses to cooperate.)

I truly understand how hard it is to have someone pointing a camera in your face (literally since as of late I’ve been using prime lenses exclusively–50 mm 1.4 and my trusty 85 mm w.4) but this young lady didn’t seem at all bothered by my intrusion.  I could tell she was where she wanted to be and doing what she wanted to do (she had some riding to do once we were finished.)  I learned a bit that early morning about the connection between the rider and the horse…it’s quite powerful and personal.  As an artist I just found myself in awe of how sweet the whole experience was.

It’s an honor that people allow me into their personal space with my cameras.  And I feel it’s my gift to make them feel comfortable, safe and at ease.  How exciting that, in a few weeks, I get to have the whole family together for a photo session as well!

Thanks L (and the D family) for trusting in me to capture this special time in your lives!

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a time for reflection…


I just finished a program through this amazing organization for cancer survivors/thrivers called First Descents based here in Colorado.  I was selected to participate in the (FD40+) mountain climbing program in Estes Park in August.  And over three weeks later I am still processing it all.  During that week “Out Living It” {their slogan} meant stepping out of ALL comfort zones, letting walls down and people in, being completely vulnerable and doing something I never thought I would or could.  Of course, cancer completely changes everything about you and, to be honest, the word ‘fear’ was completely redefined.  From diagnosis through 18 weekly chemo treatments all the way to learning to live and balance your life after… I now find myself fearful of NOT making the most of my days rather than being fearful of trying new things.  I completed a multi pitched climb to the top of a huge mountain and repelled down (there were a few tears, a few moments of panic and a few prayers along the way.)  It was the most paralyzing fear I have ever experienced. (Honestly, I really didn’t love mountain climbing.   But I loved pushing myself.)   And I completely loved having my new First Descents family believing in and pushing me as well (particularly my dear friend “Phishy” who literally talked me “up the pitch” when I was freaking out and my friend “I Can D” who cheered me on from the summit of her nearby mountain as well as my climbing partner “Tension”.  We all had nicknames for ourselves for the week…mine was “Shutterbabe”. )

Here is an image of some of my fellow climbers celebrating their summit..

Throughout the week I felt raw and exposed but also fearless and completely alive.  Once I summited “The Thumb” in Prospect Park in Estes I asked our awesome volunteer photographer (Bear Bait) to take my photo so I could really believe that I’d done it. I’ll cherish these images forever as well as the entire FD experience. It truly was indescribable.

Here’s her image of two of our climbing instructors at the summit:

But earlier this summer my family took a quick trip to Grand Lake, Colorado and the four of us rented two double kayaks and paddled the circumference of the lake.  It was a truly peaceful and magical experience for our family.  As I look reflectively back on things “out living it”, for me, means getting out and making memories with them rather than climbing mountains by myself.   Something about the view of the mountains from that kayak, the path and potential of the deep water, along with the fresh air and the peaceful solitude opened up something in each of us that day. I will forever be a mountain girl and ‘home’ will always be Colorado.

I am so grateful to First Descents for the truly life-changing week in the mountains and to all of my fellow cancer survivors/FD family for an experience that I probably will never find the right words to explain. I feel blessed and forever changed by all of it. We truly are better off for all that we let in.

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You’re a bada** Mary Beth

some long overdue collage love…{denver documentary photographer}

look at the love that exists within this family. when we are together i feel that i can never take enough pictures of them. they believe in the power of the moment and the importance of capturing it– often. they believe in letting their kids be themselves and trust in me to capture the personalities as well as the connection between them. it’s quite an honor. they don’t care about the light or that their kids are looking at the camera or posing. the just want to capture it all. and that is pure magic to me as an artist and a mom myself.

i think if our sessions together as ‘documentary photography’ in its purest form. it’s where i’d like to take my business–capturing ‘a day in the life’ with a family…and i’ll be blogging about the details of those sessions that i’ll be offering very soon. basically it’s just spending a day with a family capturing it as it unfolds rather than trying to create/ perfect the moment in a short session.

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