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15 minutes of fame and 15 years of friendship…(littleton family photography}

the light was very quickly fading.  i’d just finished one family shoot and had about 15 minutes left for this quick mini shoot.  easy peasy right?! well not always. usually it takes a few frames and a few minutes of conversation to get comfortable with the light and the family i am working with.   but i’ve been working with this family for years and years and years and the chemistry is absolutely there.  tam is one of my dearest friends and also one of my best customers.  she’s encouraged me over years and supported my art and my passion for photography .  she’s also happily referred my photography business to many of her friends and families over the years and i am so grateful.  my heart swells when i see my photographs and canvases printed large and hung all over their lovely home.

it’s not at all ironic that we had so little light and time and that the photos turned out so well.  there is a strong light that surrounds this friend of mine. i’ve always noticed it. and i especially felt it during my journey with ovarian cancer (surgery and treatment). i have way too many memories to list and a serious loss for words when i really need them these days to accurately describe how much she has done for me. the most powerful memory in my brain right now is her driving from broomfield to denver in traffic to accompany me to chemo (whenever i needed her) when i was so sick that i had to wear a mask everywhere i went. i was embarrassed, scared and sad. she didn’t miss a beat and grabbed a mask and wore hers as long as i wore mine. it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.

we’ve climbed 14ers together (and she even lugged champagne/brie and candles to the top of Quandary Peak in Breckenridge to make sure my goal of having a proper 40th birthday celebration was more than met!), enjoyed concerts, book clubs, summer days shopping (and drinking wine) in boulder, watched our kids grown up and celebrated the end of my 18 weekly chemo treatments with another of my ‘bucket list’ items to wake up in boulder with a queen-like treatment at the colorado chautauqua–just to name a few memories that come to mind as i type.

thank you for the gift of your friendship and your amazing support over the years tam. it’s not only your outer beauty that the world notices–it’s your inner beauty and light as well.



i love this connection and bond that family shares!









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