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a childhood reflection…

i have been DREAMING of taking a shot like this for a LONG time. as a matter of fact, i have spent way too much time lately on pinterest getting inspired by other artist’s reflection photos. so when the opportunity presented itself out of the blue yesterday i was so so so so so (ok you get the point) excited to get this shot. and i love it!!

we ventured out on an adventure to the museum of nature and science with friends yesterday…(and what an adventure it was). one of my sons threw a massive fit/classic meltdown while there and to his defense it was THE busiest day we’ve ever seen there so the term ‘crowded’ was an understatement. it didn’t take long to see the t-rex exhibit and get the heck out of there. once we did my son’s face changed dramatically!

(image on left just after leaving-image on right 5 minutes later). even after almost 8 years of being a stay-at-home-mom i am learning still about my job as a parent and my continually need for improvement…!)

then we ventured off to an unplanned (but totally necessary) lunch. camera in hand-of course- i snapped some shots of our lunchtime antics. {to me–the best images are the candids. the ones taken utterly spontaneously. the ones that capture life as it happens. but if you follow my blog at all you already know that!}

i am hoping to move my photography more in this direction in the new year. i’d love to follow a family around for a play date of togetherness and capture some fantastic impulsive moments for them too!

to me it was a perfectly imperfect day.

{thanks T for continually teaching me about the psychology of parenting and patience (despite being 10 years my junior!)}.

i hope the kids treasure these silly documented images for years to come.

i know i will!

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Sue Burnett - January 16, 2012 - 1:28 pm

I love the reflections, photographed and written!

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