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a family affair…{littleton family photographer}


it was divine intervention…i offered a gift certificate to our church for family portraits with all the bells and whistles for our annual auction. when i found out who the family was that won it i knew it was going to be more of a gift to me than to them. 1.5 hours together meandering, chatting and looking for magical afternoon light–and just like that–we were friends. we clicked immediately and our session was fab.

i do pride myself on making our time together fun and memorable. so i plan to move the location around so that we can have time to chat and get to know one another. heck sometimes we even have enough time to learn what makes us ‘tick’. when that happens it’s even better.

portrait artist are a dime a dozen and so many of us are truly talented with the camera. but having that is only part of the magic that photography provides. i am a story teller and a relationship-capturer rather than just someone to takes photos. i create images and memories that result from a special time of being together.

tick tick. both nancy and i knew we understood one another and within our smiles we knew a friendship was blossoming!

nancy is the director of music at our church and immensely talented. heck so is the whole family. and the bond they share is enlightening and inspiring. the smiles were never forced and the relationship between these guys was so obvious. it inspired me by giving me a glimpse of what’s to come with my boys. and i hope that we too will share a bond like this and as time passes and that our laughs will be this deeply connected and joyful.

i hope you can see the light that filters through this family via these images just like i do.











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