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a strong history that produced a strong future.

these two are frozen in my mind circa 1988 from our senior AP english class where we were all responsible for staging our version of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Gadot”. no matter how i try i can’t get those images out of my mind. it’s as if it happened recently–not 22 years ago.

they were a cute couple walking the halls together of our private high school, holding hands and making googly eyes at one another. thinking back–they were one of the only couples i remember that i had a feeling just might last. they seemed so sure of themselves and so happy together. i remember being impressed that they seemed to ‘know’ that they were good together and were facing the possibility of a strong future .

flash ahead 22 years and i finally meet up with them again. (well, we connected about a year ago via facebook but hadn’t actually met face to face since 1988.)

they are still so sweet together, so fun and so sure of themselves and…just look at this beautiful family they have created out of their love. i did manage to capture a few of those googly eyed expressions too…and they were just as i remembered them.

what a lovely family you guys have! thanks for welcoming me into your home after all of these years and for trusting me to capture your precious family memories together.

i am so so glad that we reconnected! and yeah to good old VHS for being the match maker in this lovely story.

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