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a teacher’s love… {littleton family photography}

look at this lovely family!

look at this lovely family!







my mom was a dedicated and devoted teacher in the public schools for over 30 years. and because teaching was so much a part of her life it was so much a part of mine as well. so i truly get the power and importance of pedagogy. but until you see said power unfold in front of your own parental eyes you never really do get it. and even though i spent several years working in our children’s school myself-it never ceases to amaze me. what surprises me the most is watching the lengths teachers will go to ensure kids are not only educated but that they are also empowered, uplifted and emotionally supported too. we’ve been so blessed with AMAZING teachers for our sons each and every year that we’ve be part of our neighborhood school.

and this year i got to give the gift of photography to my youngest’s outstanding teacher. (still waiting for you to take me up on my offer from last year MR.L!)

i was a para educator for kiddos with Autism in this lovely lady’s classroom last year and was completely in awe of how amazing she was to them. hugs, extra attention, patience, kindness, compassion and passion for inclusion are just a few words that come to mind. and then thoughts of countless examples of each of these words fill my mind. countless. and i smile.

so fast forward to this year when my son (who also has autism) is in her class. as parents we all trade our children’s days for the education they receive. we are beyond blessed to leave our child in YOUR sweet hands Erin (and also the hands of another amazing para educator miss michele). what a true joy it is to see you hug EACH kiddo as they leave the classroom after the bell rings with an embrace that is no different than we parents see you give your own children.

it’s an honor to know you and your lovely family. i love the love that you guys share. and i loved capturing it for you.

these photos are a gift from all of the parents in the ASD program at our school for all that you do and all that you’ve done for all of them throughout the years.

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