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amanda and tony… {littleton maternity photographer} UPDATE

UPDATE to original blog post…the name reveal pics! welcome to the world Owen Gray!

these two truly impressed me with their connection. cliche as it sounds they really were best friends as well as husband and wife (and soon to be ‘mom and dad’) and it showed in their giggles, sweet glances and simple touches. our session was so easy. they fell into perfect poses all on their own. they kissed, hugged, and smirked at one another completely unprompted. all i had to do was adjust the ISO, shutter speed, aperature (and switch lenses from time to time). (…oh and dodge a few random rain drops as we walked out to my favorite white barn and it’s surrounding field of yummy evening light–but we weren’t scared!)

and then when i got back from the session and started to edit the images (honestly editing is my favorite part…i see it as finding the art within the art….unleashing the layers so to speak…), i have to admit that i teared up a couple of times. after spending a couple of hours with them it was clear to me that these two have what it takes to not only succeed in a relationship but to also succeed in parenthood. their connection was real and not forced in any way. their outlook was simple and fun. and their friendship only enhanced the chemistry that blanketed them. { as any parent knows…it takes so much patience and peace and kindness and forgiveness and partnership and giving-each-other-the-benefit-of-doubt and love to make it through (but sleepily) the first year of parenthood.} really–a piece of cake for these guys.

we got a very creative and cool image of amanda lying on the ground with all of the baby names crossed out–except chosen name– but as that won’t be revealed until after the birth i am not able to share it. i promise to post that image after the baby is born–so i’ll update the post then.

’till then…wishing you guys the best of the next few weeks. i was honored to be chosen as your photographer and hope to be able to continue that relationship as your family grows and expands in the years to come.

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Tony - August 1, 2012 - 10:21 pm

Checks in the mail for saying all those sweet things!

Thank you so much!

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