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an inspirational saturday…

i will do just about anything to avoid writing. trust me–as i type i am perched next to a bag of sun chips and they are tempting me to abort my mission of completing this task. for the past few hours they have won the battle.

my fear of writing stems from reading so many wonderfully written blogs (especially my friend lori’s:)

her writing puts my two degrees in writing and literature from penn state to major shame. not that i begrudge her the kudos for her amazing talent-it’s just that the older i get the more i am learning to stick with what you are good at. and for me-it’s not writing.

photos are my “thing” and photos are my “voice” these days.

so let’s get to it-shall we?

saturday i got to do a photo session with an amazing family. i will try to keep the verbage down and show the emotion with the photography but i must give some background first. this family has three beautiful children, two devoted parents and one selfless aunt–all whom i met during my time at their home. the children consist of a way-too-cute, and curious, almost-three-year old (max) and his identical twin sisters (cici and penny). the twins were eating a few months back and cici choked on a piece of canned fruit. she lost oxygen to her brain (sort of like a stroke) and has an anoxic brain injury as a result. she spent several months at the children’t hospital (where her mom and dad only left her side on two occasions) and, although she is now home, she requires round the clock care. she eats via a feeding tube, is more than likely blind, and needs oxygen at night. the family chose life for her. they never complain about their situation and remain hopeful that within a year she’ll show signs of improvement. absolutely possible… but for now it’s a long and tiring battle.

i am honored to have spent the morning capturing their family. it was challenging as the lighting wasn’t ideal… and we couldn’t take cici outside for very long. my goal was to capture the love, the devotion and the amazing character within this home.

so–let me see if my pictures can do the rest of the writing.

please take a moment to read about this family:

(max in the tree)


(cici and aunt mary)

(cici with aunt mary)

(dad and penny walking in the yard)


(the whole family)

(mom/dad and the twins)


(daddy embracing cici)

(cici’s identical twin sister penny)

(mommy, daddy and cici)

(cici and daddy)

(cici and mommy)

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Jennifer - January 20, 2009 - 9:14 pm

You are so wonderful MB…. They are very important friends of mine. Thank you so much. The pictures are beautiful.

Lori - January 20, 2009 - 9:51 pm

You have the “voice” of an opera star. So classy and talented, with quite a range.

This is a beautiful family, and you tell their story so well. Sending healing thoughts to Cici.

Thanks for your kind words. You are as good a friend as you are a photographer.

Jara - February 4, 2009 - 6:16 pm

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures for Jenny! I know they will cherish them every day.

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