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be. here. now {littleton documentary photographer}


i am always thinking about photos.  my mind honestly can’t escape it.   and lately i’ve been thinking a lot about different styles of photography.  specifically ones that are my passion and showcase my creative soul.  i’d really like to do more documentary photography–day-in-the-life photography, everyday images…’the gift of an ordinary day’ sessions.  i’ve done a few of these sessions this past year and have loved them–the thinking about them, dreaming of new ideas for them, researching,  doing the sessions and editing the images to produce powerful  and treasured archival images for the families.  this type of work makes my heart feels full, gratified and satisfied.

the other day i was laying on the floor in our living room with my youngest son.  i watched as he played with some of his toys that were scattered across the floor.  we started talking about the toys and he got excited to have my full attention and began to explain them to me.  the passion in his eyes was obvious and it excited me.  i ran to the office and grabbed one of my cameras and started snapping away.  (he’s the son of a photographer so he doesn’t think much of me having a camera around.  admittedly he does tend to pose a bit when i have it but i did manage to get some honest and candid shots as well.)

i realized at that moment that we were indeed having one of these sessions.  he talked, i listened.  he smiled, i snapped.  and snapped.  no flash, no posing.  it was one of those times you know as a parent will pass so quickly.  a regular night’s events that didn’t signify anything special or monumental.  but i know how quickly he’s growing and that sooner than later his interest in these toys AND his interest in hanging out with me will be long gone.  i loved that the living room was messy and that he had on his fun minecraft socks that we have to tear off of him before school or church.  i loved that he was thinking about the creative ways he plays with the toys and letting me into his mind and personal creative space.  i loved our impromptu connection.

THIS type of photography is my passion.  i find myself reflecting on images like these from years past with my boys (luckily i have TONS of photos of course of everyday moments)–my heart aching tremendously at the swift passage of time.  i’ll forever cherish images like these and will fondly recall our time together this week when i look back on them.


my son showed me each of the little characters from his Minecraft set.  he explained their role in the game and how he likes to play with them (as well as a reminded me that there are a few more he’d like to get..hint hint.)  his innocence was pure.  everything flowed simply and perfectly.    and i love that while i was editing the images in the office he came over, notived that i was working on them and gave me a gentle hug and said, “thanks mom.”   it made my night.

often times i forget to be present in his life.  this experience reminded me of how important it is for both of us and how much we gain by spending simple time together.

i know in the age of cell phones many people feel its excessive to invest in a photographer to capture simple moments.  but remember how important it is to actually be captured in your images with your family rather than being the one  taking the photos.  your children will treasure images like this one and they can be forever preserved in your personal family memory books.

email, call or text if you are interested in setting up one of these ‘gift of an ordinary day’ sessions with your family.  i am offering special pricing with digital downloads to all who book a session.

oh and aways remember to BE. HERE. NOW.  you’ll never get these sweet simple days again.

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Patti Klobe - January 11, 2017 - 9:34 pm

That makes me cry…seriously! What a beautiful idea. Reminds me so much of my son. We’re Interested! We’ve been planning on contacting you for a while now…probably closer to spring

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