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bells will be ringing…{Louisville wedding photographer}

i’ll admit that i don’t do a lot of weddings. they were way too much work for way to little pay when i started out a few years ago–so i avoided them.. although i truly do concentrate mostly on portrait photography, families, births and everyday portraiture, i do need to admit that i love me a wedding every now and then. especially when you just CLICK (pun intended) with the bride.

i met her on a rainy afternoon in broomfield. just a few minutes into our meeting i felt a bond. we chatted and got to know one another a bit (i still regret not buying her some coffee as we sat outside of starbucks.) i was so flattered that she said she loved my work and immediately connected with it. she loved the photojournalism and focus of everyday moments and said that she knew she wanted to work with me. (enter swelled head…!) we never talked about price–just photography, relationships and the importance of everyday moments as they related to her vision for her wedding images. she wanted to spend MINIMAL time on posed group photos and MAXIMUM time on capturing her small group of loved ones there to enjoy the evening. it was a party with a purpose. the assignment was right up my alley. (i always tell my clients that i am a friend with a really expensive camera there to blend in and wallow in the art of photojournalism.)

so often when people inquire about wedding photography, the first question is ‘what is your fee’. while i totally understand being budget conscious–i am a believer that your wedding is not the best time to put money first. i am passionate about my work, passionate about capturing moments as they unfold rather than trying to set up lights and pose in order to get the perfect shot. and i always want to work with people who appreciate that. i am not cheap nor do i have cheap equipment. and i will not compromise on my prices and i will not stop working until the narrative of the event is truly over.

this bride-to-be mentioned that she had looked at a LOT of photographers’ sites but didn’t find one that stood out to her until she came across mine. that is something that i can relate to as an artist and as a lover of photography myself….i’ve been pretty picky about who gets to get MY family behind the lens as well. so many people select a photographer based on price alone…and that is completely not the way to go about it! the connection with the photographer’s work is essential. what i see in everyday life is what i am going to see on your wedding day. i work until the job is done–not until the hours are up. and i give completely of myself by diving in and becoming part of the event in every way in order to truly capture it.

i ended my meeting with her and we still never talked about price. she knew she wanted to work with me and i knew i was the photographer for her. i smiled as i left that late winter afternoon knowing that i would see her in september for her special day.

and the rest is history.

thanks H and J for trusting me to capture the beautiful, unscripted moments of that golden day in september. it was lovely in every way. you two are in store for some wonderful days ahead. i’m excited to start working on your wedding album.

and i had the honor of having a talented photographer and friend sally clark photography: second shoot for me. here are some of her lovely images.

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