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daddy and {me}….?

i’ve been lost in a world of the past this weekend…cleaning, organizing and…well…digging deep into the boxes of memories of my life. i guess it’s just that time of year when i have some extra time to get “lost” in this place. a time to categorize and a time to re-evaluate and reflect. it’s utterly bittersweet.

as i searched through the thousands of prints i have in boxes i found myself waxing philosophical on some pretty deep topics. my mind drifted from relationships past and present as well as into the cobwebs of some memories of my childhood.

like everyone else i have a tapestry of commonalities that bind my life in theme. this tapestry connects me from past to present like a kite through the wind. my children often ask my when i have so many photos of them and my response comes to me very quickly. as a second child i was hardly photographed. when i would spend time back at home in the family photo albums i was so often disappointed to find hardly a trace of images of me and so so many of my older sister. i am sure that is not uncommon as parents get exponentially busier once the second child comes into the picture (forgive the pun.) {i’ll admit that it’s happened to our family as well.} so-being that underphotographed second child and adding a dash or two or three of being uber passionate about photography and..well…you see where i am going here.

so in one of my boxes of the past i stumbled upon this sweet photo of my daddy and….an unknown infant that i’d like to think is me but have no way to proving. it makes me sad that no one can identify who this baby is. and because it really doesn’t look much like my sister who has much lighter hair i have deep rooted hopes that it is indeed me. there are very few photos of my dad or mom holding me. such a sweet common image to most families. although my family will surely say that i am being overly dramatic, not knowing who the child is does make me wholeheartedly sad.

where am i going with all of this?? well…
these two points come to mind….(warning–here comes my soap box).
in this age of digital how often do we:

  • a. get images printed these days…{after working with a professional photographer you SHOULD and you should also invest in professional printing rather than cheap un color-corrected prints on low quality paper}   AND
  • b. jot down on the back of the image just who is who. we often forget that time will weaken our memories of people places and times.


just a couple of things to think about.

for me i am going to hold onto the memory that this image is indeed my daddy and me. but whether it is my sister or i it still makes me smile to have such a sweet image of him as a parent to look back on.

one questions lingers: are YOU taking the time to document the fleeting memories in your life? photos are the key to our histories and are absolutely priceless. truly more precious that a gold that only increases in value as we age.

august and september are filling up fast and i only have limited spots open at the end of each the month. contact me if you’d like to set up a family portrait date.

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