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dreamy special day with my boy…

i can’t think of the last time i had a one-on-one day with my youngest son. this week was the first in what i hope to be many.

we held hands, played and shared lots of smiles at the park. afterward we went to my favorite breakfast place and shared a bacon and avacado omlet.

i remember many days like this with my oldest son. secretly i had wished for more time like this with my youngest but wasn’t sure how to make that happen. now my older son’s been invited to spend the day with his friend from school every other monday (we split mondays!). perfect!

lately i have realized just how quickly time is passing. he’s growing up, changing and becoming a little boy–no take that back–a big boy. he’s so influenced by his brother and so overshadowed. at times it is hard to really get to know him. he follows and his brother leads.

but today we just got to know each other a bit. we sang songs and let the wind blow in our hair. for today–time stood still…for just a moment.
the autism usually influences his mind and i lose him to blank stares and echolalia. but the planets aligned and he opened up to me and the camera. these shots are precious to me as they are about as intimate a look at him as i have had in a while.

i treasure each of these photos and the time we spent together on this dreamy february day in colorado.

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