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family time at the old white barn…

i consider myself super flattered when another photographer asks me to do a session with their family. it’s nerve wracking but exhilarating at the same time.

i met J at a ambient and flash light workshop. i could feel her sweetness and upbeat energy from across the table. we chatted after the class and a friendship blossomed. and i have a feeling it’s going to be a lasting one.

initially she wanted just some headshots for her business but after learning a bit about their life story i requested that she bring the kids along (which is no easy feat when you’ve got one in college and another in high school). but kids of photographers just ‘get it’ and know that it’s best to please their moms when they request them to be in front of the camera!

these two were super flexible and beyond patient. between their mother and i we were surely driving them bananas with reflectors, poses and chats in between shots about photography. so hats off to these two sweeties. i’d like to think that they really did have some fun despite our annoying ways! and i really enjoyed getting to know them during our two + hours together.

J has an amazing outlook on life, love and the paths we choose to pursue our dreams. she’s on a pretty impressive artistic journey of her own sweet making and surely wonderful things are in store for her.

i love these images for many reasons. and i love the “light” that surrounds these guys. i have a feeling that there is a pretty special guy up in heaven watching over them and contributing to that light. {i felt a hand on my shoulders as i walked with them on the trail from the barn to our car. i have a feeling they did too.}

thanks for trusting me to document where you guys are in your journey right now. i am excited to learn and grow with you j and to get to develop our friendship and business relationship in the years to come.

and B and R–you’ll be seeing me this summer from time to time. we’ll have some fun!

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Julie Raymond - May 31, 2012 - 4:47 pm

Goodness, I really believe you have such a wonderful personal mission to help
people find deeper intimacy, beauty and the truest connection to community —
your “family times at the barn” are that quiet moment, or those real moments
where families get to reflect & absorb what they have in each other!

Your blog post made me cry tears of gratefulness — and reflect on how far we
have come, BB&J — Bex,Ben,Julie. And, yes, I believe my Ed was
there, participating in his own way and sending love.

You captured all the range of expressions in Ben, especially – that I see &
love. I still want more prints, ha! The pics look stunning in my home,
just fabulous …. I love it!

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