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favorite summer portraits

(nicky nockie noodle man.)

(one of my best friend’s sons. love these boys and love this image of them.)

(hands down-two of my favorite people in the world. NO ONE can make me laugh like these two. i am praying they come out to colorado next summer as we had more fun during their last visit than words can even begin to describe.)

(i love this image of aaron wearing this hat…love love love it.)

(sydney a sweetie pie i hardly ever get to see.)

(hayden. love those green eyes. they speak volumes to me.)

(casey giving his only living great grandparent a hug goodbye. no need to say anymore.)

(these silly bands crack me up but they are so fun. here’s luke playing his electric guitar).

(mike picking up his sister)

(carole and larry drove in from cleveland to meet me… it was such a pleasure. i’ve known her online for years but we’d never met before!)

(i love the way aaron’s cousin is looking up to him. a powerful moment captured.)

(this kiddo has the MOST amazing blue eyes…but i loved this image in black and white. it was taken during our beach trip this summer. i will post more photos of him in another blog entry.)

(a sweet image of my mother in law and father in law. )

(i was in this couple’s wedding YEARS ago…so nice to see and spend time with their family. i miss them so much!)

(i’ve know holly since we both were kids. it was so emotional for me to see her having these tender moments with her boys. so much time has slipped away since we moved to colorado. these boys are all grown up. sniff sniff…)

(above caption describes this one too…)

(and this one….)

(natasha and her green green eyes…)


(charlie…i love that name by the way…)

(seth. i have a slight crush on this little guy. he reminds me so much of his mother when she was little.)

(christian. i went to high school with his mom. quite a handsome dude don’t you think?)

(ginger. i changed her diapers when i was young and now she has her phD and a new son jackson.)

(my trademark baby toes with wedding rings shot. i should patent this…)

(jack’s baptism. i blew into town from DC just in time for his baptism party to end but luckily i got some time for a quick photo shoot.)

(daniel. he is not an easy guy to capture but i was so proud to get this image of him smiling at his mom–one of my best friends who moved from colorado to DC.)

(such a fun shot of my friend laughing at her son’s fit. classic mommy moment captured. i wish i had some shots of me and my son aaron like this…it would be A LOT of shots.)

(cousins eating ice cream. simple image to some but these three don’t see one another all that often so it was so precious.)

(my niece. i call her peanut buttah.)

(mike playing basketball in his childhood backyard hoop.)

(an image of my mother in law taken while she was swinging on the playset in her backyard while watching her grandkids play.)

(peanut buttah again.)

(my son has my mother in law’s exact eyes. i love this image because it reminds me of that. and i love how happy she looks watching the kids play.)

(my husband’s family at an alpaca farm in western PA. a tender moment captured.)

(cousins enjoying an evening together. priceless.)

this summer’s travels on the east coast with family and friends has produced some of my favorite portraits. i love the moments they represent but also the simple candid moments captured. these photos represent special moments in time between people we miss dearly and don’t get to spend nearly enough time with. this is my passion…capturing the power of the simple moments of our lives.

for most of these i used my 85 1.4 prime lens that i am sorry i don’t use more often. (note to self: use this lens more often…i paid a LOT for it and takes stunning portraits).

for all of those in these images…we miss you terribly and are so thankful for the time we got to spend together this summer.

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Lavender Luz - August 13, 2010 - 7:38 am

These are amazing (as usual), MB. Love seeing the world through your eyes.

Looks like you've had a great summer, and I realize how much I've missed you!

Heasleye - August 15, 2010 - 8:09 pm

Love these, MB! What a beautiful summer you've had, filled with beautiful people and moments. Thanks for sharing them!


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