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Future’s so bright…{Emelise Munoz}

Meet Colorado’s Emelise Munoz



No one knows what the future holds, but a girl can always dream!


In her own words…

I have always had a passion for music. Well, my parents tell me that I have been singing ever since I could talk! When I was four my Grandma made that wish come true by getting me a guitar for my birthday…that was the only thing on my birthday list! When I was six, I was very fortunate to have a guitar teacher that believed in me so much that he brought me to his gigs and let me play a couple songs during his breaks. That was the moment that I fell in love with the stage. I loved it so much that when I was seven I made an appointment at the town hall and I got my street performers permit. I wrote my first song when I was nine and I wrote it because my papa was away for his birthday. He had a conference so I wanted to surprise him by writing my first song called “Papa”.
People often ask me where I get my inspiration for writing my songs. I write a lot of my songs about the outdoors, my family, and life experiences. It is easy for me to write about these things because they are all dear to my heart. Lately I have been on a kick where I write about other people’s journeys through life. I realize not everybody has the ability to tell their story for many to hear so I take pride in sharing their voice through my music.
One of my favorite memories was when my papa and I were coming back from a show in Evergreen and we wanted to stop by Red Rocks to take a few pictures. Nobody was stopping us from going all the way down to the stage so I played a few songs on the Red Rocks stage! Some people who were exercising up the stairs came all the way down to listen and cheer for me after each song. I could only imagine the feeling one must have playing on that stage to a sold out crowd!
I have been fortunate enough to play at many amazing venues during my 11 years. Some of my favorites have been the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, Tootsie’s in Nashville, and the Avondale Towne Cinema in Georgia where Elvis played twice! Yes, I played on the same stage as the King of Rock and Roll!! I have some big dreams ahead of me and would love to someday play on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, Radio City Music Hall, and Red Rocks..this time for real 😉
I will continue to work on my dream because I believe this is what I was born to do. I look forward to sharing my joy, my passion, my music with the world!
Be sure to check out the links below for information on her upcoming shows and performances:
Trust me–seeing her is a MUST DO.  She’s inspired my sons in their music and we’ve enjoyed seeing her several times around town.  When I first heard her play via a link on the KBCO Facebook page I knew I had to take the boys to see her.  And when we did I leaned over to her dad and said:  “No doubt we are in the presence of greatness.”  I can’t wait to see where her passion and tremendous talent takes her!
Embellish It was an honor to photograph you and your lovely family.  I want a front row seat when you play RED ROCKS!
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