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i did it.

so far, 15 days into it, 40 has been challenging.

gray hair.
slow metabolism.
a new age bracket.
that number..

well i kicked it all in the rear end on my birthday weekend when i journeyed up my second colorado 14er (14,265 feet to be exact). quandary peak was my poison. it was on my life list to climb a 14er three years ago and i did it. this time it was a personal quest and challenge to push my out of shape self into this new goal.

it was an emotional and physical journey to summit. i was tired, out of breath and my heart was pounding so so hard. each step as i got closer to the summit was as painful as childbirth. i wanted to give up many times as the trail was almost all rock for miles and miles. it made it extremely challenging to battle along with the altitude.

but just like in life–my friends pushed me and made all the difference.

as challenging as it was-that HIGH from doing it and getting down, over 14 miles in all, was worth every second of agony.

i felt alive, young and connected to myself in a way i haven’t felt in a while.
it was magical.

and then there were 4 days after where i just couldn’t go up or walk down steps!

i made photo greeting cards of my last summit three years ago and put them in the boys’ baby books–along with a personal note to encourage them to follow their dreams. just like their mama did.

this time i will display a photo on the wall to remind myself that i am only as old as i allow myself to be. and that 4-0 is not such a bad number after all.

(note the top of the sign: “there are NO easy 14ers”. i’ll drink to that!)

(our at the top of the mountain snacks.)

(the quandary peak crew.)

(the view speaks for itself.)

(the gals actually sang happy birthday to me at the top–complete with candles in the strawberries and blueberries.)

(tam has been my hiking buddy for both of my 14ers now. )

(julie and i went to penn state together over 20 years ago. she is so much fun to be around.)

(yep–i had to take video with my flip camera too.)

(those rocks were such a pain to climb up and down on–particularly when you are exhausted.)

(notice the small dots up the mountain. those =other hikers. it was terrible to look up and see the summit so far away.)

(we met a false summit but were still geared up for the next one.)

(the skies were just magical.)

(i was so thankful to have those poles–especially on the journey down.)

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Lavender Luz - August 20, 2010 - 7:18 am

Oh, MB. I am so proud of you for being able to do this, for doing it. I have never done a 14er, but you've inspired me.

Love the candles in the fruit!

Congrats on achieving. And on having such wonderfully supportive friends.

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