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I’m a proud auntie….{congratulations zachary eric}

i was there when this guy made his appearance in the delivery room and it’s been a true pleasure watching him grow into the cool and kind young man he is. my heart is swelling with pride that you are graduating from high school tomorrow. i wish i could be there. you’ll be on my mind all day.

{btw-thanks for letting me push you into wearing a bow tie for these pics we did last summer. you really really rocked it!}

great things are in store for you zachary eric. remember your life is a gift and it’s a honor to be living it on your own terms. always be safe. always be smart. and always remember to call your mom and tell her you love her. (and don’t just call to bring your dirty laundry home you turkey!)

i am proud of you.
i am in awe of the cool guy you are.
and i am so honored to be your auntie.
i’m always here for you–good or bad.

congratulations and best of luck at The Pennsylvania State University (our alma mater). (you’ll be getting lots of care packages with fun stuff and cash from colorado–shhh don’t tell your mom!)

I L O V E Y O U!

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strip district with the family jpeg 2013-177
strip district with the family jpeg 2013-276
strip district with the family jpeg 2013-279
ZACH senior pics football full res-34
ZACH senior pics football full res-76
ZACH senior pics football JPEG-69

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Shelley - June 5, 2015 - 5:19 pm

You are the coolest Auntie!

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