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“in the moment” is where we all should be all the time in order to fully enjoy life’s pleasures.  most of the time the small things in life are the biggest reward.  agree?

i take my camera everywhere and am always trying to appreciate the moment as it’s happening.  even if it’s an iphone image–it’s still an image that can be looked back on.  i love the saying that the “best’ camera you have is the one you have with you right now.

this lovely family was definitely a ‘in the moment’ family.  life has been fast with them with two boys growing like weeds.  they’ve been so busy that they haven’t paused for a family photograph since the boys were 2 and 6.

i had heard from the friend who purchased the gift certificate for the session for them (as a Christmas gift–a GREAT idea i might add…) that ” if you get all of them looking at you at the same time-you haven’t properly captured them.”  she went on to describe the family as a laid back and fun group of individuals.  i made sure to remind them that i am not a “poser” photographer.  i believe that people stand the way that the feel most comfortable and they will arrange themselves once i suggest a spot with the best lighting. they were relieved to hear about my style.

i believe that people who truly feel comfortable enjoy the session better-just like these guys did.  and the images certainly back me up!

as a matter of fact, i received the following email from mom right after our session together (before she’d even seen the gallery):


Thanks again for taking our pictures last night.  I know that all three of the guys were dreading it, but everyone enjoyed themselves.  I might not have to wait 13 years again.  You made it fun.

Thanks again,


PS  I am taking my mom walking up there this morning- to show her how beautiful it was.




soon the stress of being photographed melted away and the family started relaxing and really being ‘in the moment’. then dress shirts came off and the boys showed their ‘true colors”! (i am a tie dye fanatic myself and dress the boys in t’s like this often).


and mom and dad were so fun, open and relaxed from the moment we met. it was easy to capture them. and it’s easy to see what great chemistry they have together.


and finally, mom’s reaction to the gallery:

Wow!! I love the pictures.

Thanks SO much for your time and energy.


my job here is done. i am so happy to have met this cool cool family.

cheers-and best of luck in your first year of college B. i KNOW you are going places! (and little B-i loved your style and sense of adventure. i am confident your going places as well!)

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