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jodi’s race for ovarian cancer awareness…

being part of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s annual Jodi’s race event in May was an emotional experience for me for MANY reasons….

and i now know that i will be part of the event as long as i am able.  photographing the sadness and the joy left me inspired because so much of both could be felt there: sadness for those left behind and inspiration for those fighting and winning the battle against this nasty and relentless disease.

i took so many photos during the event and didn’t think much of their impact until i got this email last night from the Executive Director of COCA:


I was contacted by this survivor she loved the photo.   The survivor’s husband wants to print a large version.
She wrote a beautiful letter letting us know how thankful she was for capturing such an inspiring moment.

one of the many beautiful things about the art of photography is the people it touches.  many of our precious moments are forgotten and not documented.   most of the time those are passionate and proud moments of life.  and that has always bothered me as an artist and a mother myself.  that’s way i ALWAYS carry a camera with me.  (and that’s why my friends who it’s constantly being pointed at are such good sports….thank you  (you know who you are) for loving me despite my faults!)   it’s a major theme in my life–the most magic in life happens when we are not planning it.
so the fact that this SURVIVOR was so touched by this image has really lifted me up today.  i am thankful for the power of photography and it’s ability to capture the magic in simple moments.
and i was honored to be part of the event last month and to be considered a survivor myself.
to all of the teal sisters out there–keep up the fight.  every step of the battle is worth it for the magic life brings when you least expect it.
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