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just because…

i had the opportunity to have an inspiring photo shoot with “the-most-passionate-family” this past november. and since all FIVE grown kids dominated the shots we decided stage the event again last weekend in order to get some pics of just mom and dad. (and they even remembered to wear the same clothes too!)

why did they want to do another session?

just because….

here’s my post about our first session this past fall

just look at they way these two interact. the way they look at each other–and the way they danced. inspirational. these two just have good chemistry plain and simple. i did not pose them or have to direct them in any way during this photo shoot. meeting them at the barn early on saturday morning was not work–it was just fun.

i just love being around them– taking in their stories and basking in their smiles.

i left the shoot grinning from ear to ear and, quite simply, inspired.

why not book a ‘just because’ photo session soon? i’d love to hear your story and document your family connection!

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