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my journey this fall has had me cross paths with a special little boy whom i just adore. although he doesn’t say much, he speaks volumes to me. i think about his most recent message often. its power haunts me. it’s expressed in this image.

each time these scarves are thrown up in the air he jumps and smiles in a joy that can only be expressed by a child. it’s wonder. it’s pure bliss and, to me, pure perfection.

he’s taught me so much in the three months i’ve known him.

a few weeks ago i was chasing him around playing tag and i noticed a sharp pain in my belly. each day that we played it seemed more obvious to me that something was wrong.
although my nature is to avoid going to the doctor i decided that this was worrisome enough to go.

fast forward a month and a lot of tests later–i am off for surgery early in the morning. turns out my little friend was teaching me that something bad was growing in there. i’ve got a 10cm mass growing on my ovary that will be removed and biopsied. the good news is that whatever it is we are catching it early, thanks to this little guy.

when i think about him i think about this image of the lovely and colorful scarves being tossed up randomly in the air. i think about the wonder in his eye. and i think about one of my favorite songs by the indigo girls: “i believe in love” and the lyrics that so appropriately say:

most of what will happen now is way out of our hands.

so just let it go.

see where it lands.


thanks my friend. you mean more to me than you will ever know.

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Laurie M - December 17, 2012 - 9:33 pm

Mary Beth,
You are in my prayers! I hope all goes well and you feel God’s presence before, during and after!

Hugs from the ‘Burgh,

Caroline Driver - January 22, 2013 - 9:32 am

Hey MB. I hope you’re doing okay. Stay strong. I love you.

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