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mother’s day… {what’s YOUR plan?}

i have so much passing running through me. problem is that i almost never have the time to express it or to document it for that matter. but alas today i have some time on my hands–along with a nasty sinus/throat infection–so look out.

so-without further adieu–today’s soap box is about mother’s day. and about the gift of photographs for the moms in our lives.

what an outstanding gift idea–a photo session in a relaxed setting of your choice (denver metro area) to celebrate the women in our lives-and at a huge discount.

i am offering a MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL because i am so damn passionate about the simple moments in life. so passionate about documenting them. so passionate about mothers–mainly because we are almost NEVER in the photos and always coordinating or taking them ourselves.

i am so thankful for my everyday mothering photos. heck i am nostalgic about any photo that i was in during those days. i’d like to share my gift of photography. i’d like to encourage families to do something nice for the moms/ladies in their lives. i want to encourage ALL MOMS to put down that camera and actually jump (well not really jump but you get the idea) into the photos.

even better, dads here’s a message to you: (and moms if you are reading this please forward this to the men in your life who will inevitable wait until the last possible minute to get a proper gift for mother’s day. think if it as a subtle HINT HINT HINT!)

1. contact me via the blog submission below (unlike a store where you can buy something impersonal–i have a personable and special gift you can purchase. AND i have better and much more flexible hours than any darn mall!)
2. set up an appointment for a session
3. OR buy a gift certificate for a session
4. i will take care of the rest!

how about a WHOPPING $75 off of sitting fees for session booked for mother’s day–yep that makes it $100 for up to two hours with a professional photographer! $100 session fees for mother’s day photos! {sessions must be booked and paid for by Friday April 27th-gift certificates may also be offered for a session scheduled later in may as well. prints are not included. session for immediate families–extended members welcome for an additional charge.}

hire a pro, sit back and give the ladies in your life a gift that will keep on giving. portraits of the special one in her life. its a gift that will be enjoyed and treasured for generations.

here are some of my random precious personal moments of motherhood photographically preserved.

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Denise O'Connor - April 19, 2012 - 7:43 pm

Love the beautiful personal photos you shared here. Beautiful! Nothing is more magical or awe inspiring than the birth of a baby. A very Happy Mother’s day to you 🙂

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