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my best work…

one of my best friends–and a huge mentor in my life has given me advice and help to grow my business beyond my expectations.  she’s an outstanding coach and consummate professional.  i’ve admired her work and her spirit and her perspective for a LONG time.

on our recent trip she mentioned that i should only showcase my BEST work on my blog.  i couldn’t agree more.  it’s sound advice that will help me to reach the right customers. but sometimes i think one of the best qualities about me as a photographer is that the photos i present ARE my best work just because they showcase history–unscripted moments of life that could easily be forgotten if not documented.  they are not perfect.  but neither am i.  they are perfect simply in their existence.

this totally last minute trip to the Great Sand Dune National Park that we took this week is a great example of that.  life as it unfolded.  precious moments of simplicity.  these images are not shot in the perfect light, not the perfect smiles–just life.  precious life.  our history.

this is WHO i am as a photographer and as an artist and as a human being.

come along on our unscripted journey of impulsiveness via my photographs… {and thanks you sally for your amazing influence on me as an artist,  a mom and as a dear friend.}

our travels took us to the sand dunes, a historic ranch, the colorado gator farm and a charming waterfall–all in a few short days of togetherness.



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Monica - April 2, 2012 - 11:21 am

I couldn’t agree with both of you more…. 🙂
love this post all the photos and the Story of the day!

U rock friend ~

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