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nothing grander than a trip to the ocean…

…especially considering this was the first trip to see the ocean for the boys. it was just magical. the expressions on their faces upon seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling the ocean were so wonderful to witness. (the heat and oppressive humidity, on the other hand were not so wonderful to witness… this year the heat index was well over 110 degrees. i missed our ideal colorado climate terribly!)

i grew up enjoying the ocean each summer for our two week vacation to the outer banks of north carolina. so, in a sense, it was a part of me that i wanted to share that with the boys. it was an adventure being away from dad for two weeks (as he had to head back to colorado for work). we traveled over 5 states just the three of us! i am so glad we did it and…we have the memories to prove it.

i probably should not have risked taking my professional camera and lenses to the beach but i just didn’t want to miss out on capturing every second i could. so some of my lenses got a bit of sand in them but it was well worth it for me. the photo of my boys and their cousins holding hands is most precious to me. we miss spending time with them but it was so nice to just be together and relax.

despite the heat, the beach and the atlantic in north carolina had a power over us and we ventured out every day to get our fill . i could get quite used to that early evening magical soft light as well as the sweetness of the ocean as the sun is setting. there is just something about the purity one feels at the beach, the simple relaxation and the warm salty air. we are planning to go back again next year for a couple of weeks. but for now i have these images to bring me back whenever i want to reminisce.

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