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brotherly love…{littleton family photographer}



i absolutely love portrait photography.

it’s the chance to isolate a subject and try to capture them being…well…truly themselves. it’s just so priceless when the people behind the camera trust me enough to let me stick a lens in front of them while asking them to ‘relax’ and be at ease. {ironically that is something i am not at peace with doing myself…i really dislike being on the other side of the camera…always have.} so it’s an honor to be selected to be someone’s portrait photographer because of the amount of trust it requires.

kids are usually a lot easier to win over. and these two let their guard down pretty quick! it was so fun watching these brothers interact as they normally do. kids tend to relax pretty easily and that allows their personalities to shine through. the photos were a gift from their dad for their mom so having both of them in the background helped.

and look at this amazing light! looking at image after image of these silly boys engulfed in this yummy light made my heart sing while editing. i truly love photography and all of the places it takes me (as well as the people i get to know and admire) along the way.

thanks guys for trusting in me as your photographer!



look at this light!  outstanding!

look at this light! outstanding!


and then there were 6 (take 2)… {littleton family photographer}

i love the light (literally and figuratively), happiness and love that completely surrounds this family…and anyone that knows them knows i am right!

check out our 2012 photoshoot before the twins came!

it’s been fun watching the family grow and grow up and see this lady become a mama of four! (our kiddos go to school together and we’ve become friends!)

do you see the light around her and the kindness in her eyes too?

we traveled to her mom and dad’s new mountain property and enjoyed a few hours together walking about and finding spots with lovely shade and backlighting.

it was a perfect setting for including her mom, dad and brother in the shoot as well. and it was absolutely the best when this guy gave me a bunch of great smiles like the one:


the whole gang!

the whole gang!

brother and sister love.

brother and sister love.

and then there were 6.

and then there were 6.


utterly precious.

utterly precious.


what a sweet love these two share!

what a sweet love these two share!

we tried to get them all on the hammock...and this was the best one we got!

we tried to get them all on the hammock…and this was the best shot!

not a ton of smiles but so much cuteness outta this one!

not a ton of smiles but so much cuteness outta this one!


such a doll!

such a doll!


togetherness-look at the little one holding her uncle


and last but not least--a shot of grandpa's little helper!

and last but not least–a shot of grandpa’s little helper!

these kiddos keep getting cuter (a hard thing to do when you are already pretty stinkin’ cute!) and it was fun chasing them around in the mountain air as the clouds gathered to bring a light rain. luckily we got all of our time together in just before the first rain drop hit!

as i headed down the mountain towards denver/home i smiled the entire way. i love what i do and the love i get to witness with my eyes and my cameras.

I’m a proud auntie….{congratulations zachary eric}

i was there when this guy made his appearance in the delivery room and it’s been a true pleasure watching him grow into the cool and kind young man he is. my heart is swelling with pride that you are graduating from high school tomorrow. i wish i could be there. you’ll be on my mind all day.

{btw-thanks for letting me push you into wearing a bow tie for these pics we did last summer. you really really rocked it!}

great things are in store for you zachary eric. remember your life is a gift and it’s a honor to be living it on your own terms. always be safe. always be smart. and always remember to call your mom and tell her you love her. (and don’t just call to bring your dirty laundry home you turkey!)

i am proud of you.
i am in awe of the cool guy you are.
and i am so honored to be your auntie.
i’m always here for you–good or bad.

congratulations and best of luck at The Pennsylvania State University (our alma mater). (you’ll be getting lots of care packages with fun stuff and cash from colorado–shhh don’t tell your mom!)

I L O V E Y O U!

auntie MB

strip district with the family jpeg 2013-177
strip district with the family jpeg 2013-276
strip district with the family jpeg 2013-279
ZACH senior pics football full res-34
ZACH senior pics football full res-76
ZACH senior pics football JPEG-69

Shelley - June 5, 2015 - 5:19 pm

You are the coolest Auntie!

professional photographers of colorado (PPA) workshop…

learning is necessary, fun and exciting. connecting with other photographers is also necessary, fun and exciting. and this past weekend I got to experience do all three–{plus meet and photograph some very cool model for our high school seniors annual photography workshop.}

its so cool to watch the unique light set ups, the poses and the location choices from all of the different photographers. i’m always humbled by all of the things i learn and also the way get to see things from a different perspective. for me the best way to get the best shot is a combination of those things in addition to making the model/client/person feel comfortable, beautiful and at east in front of the camera. and that is what i think i do best as a photographer and an artist. {more often than not like to capture the models in between shots when they are relaxing and in the moment rather than when they are hyper aware that a bunch of camera are pointed at them.} i am excited to see all of the beautiful art produced from this workshop as we had incredibly talented photographers there all working together!

thanks PPA for another fun learning event!

Shelley - May 7, 2015 - 7:45 am

So glad you got to attend this workshop! Amazed that there is more for you to learn because you are so talented and fabulous as it is! xoxo

Wishing you much success with your business – you’ve earned it, and you DESERVE it!


as time goes by…

sometimes…ok, all the time…i find myself reflecting up on life via images. it is easy to get lost for hours in the thousands of images i’ve got on my computer and on my website. it soothes me and reminds me of the amazing life i’ve had. the enormous amount of blessings come into focus.

on simple days when i had extra time and pulled out my camera i got the most amazing shots of my sons. these sweet moments are on my mind tonight. they were taken in 2011 as a dress rehearsal for our formal portraits. these absolutely melt my heart and having them comforts me on days like today when i feel the tremendously fast pace that these boys are growing up.

are you taking the time to capture the beautiful moments of your life? i’d love to help.

i am booking for may and june now with limited sessions available. drop me a line in the contact box below! mother’s day is right around the corner and gift certificates are available!