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ahh to be three again…

the windy day was a perfect one to meet and hang out with this little one and her family. she frolicked as the wind caressed her sweet locks and her new dress. mom and dad chased after her (and medium frog) and sat and soaked in the early spring afternoon. the sun was omitting soft rays onto all of our faces. it, combined with the gentle consistent wind, were just a perfect setting for this photo session. i plopped myself down with my two cameras (fitted with my 85mm 1.4 and my 70-200mm 2.8) and let the action unfold before me.

this little one was a bit stingy with her smiles and i had to be quick to capture them. once i locked one in it i knew it wouldn’t last as she was on the go! but i don’t think a perfect photo session has to be frame after frame of smiles or poses. on the contrary i find it so lovely to capture the family interacting: moms being moms….a quick glance, hug and a sweet smile to capture their bond…dads being dads–a gentle guiding hand as he watches his daughter (and medium frog) distantly doing said frolicking…

i loved letting the time flow as we meandered around the farm looking for the perfect light. normally i avoid shooting toward the sun but that wind…it seemed to carry me and my cameras toward it. and i loved the honesty in the results.

thank you to this adorable family for spending time with me and my cameras to capture your very first family photo session together. it was an honor.

lending a hand….










they have gone through 9 years of this horrid cancer journey.  tim deserves to be with his wife until the end… free to be spending his time loving and supporting her (and bringing her slurpees on the good days)… without having to worry about work.

(photo from november 2013)



thinking about and praying for you christian, tim, brooklyn and family.

be here NOW…

as long as i live i never want to forget the beauty and magic of youth.  children posses all the necessary skills for perfection with respect to their view on life and the world around them.  they truly ‘get it’ when it comes to being in the moment and connecting with it.  to them there are no blinders, no hesitations.  they open themselves up to life as it happens–fully and with no editor to hold them back.  smiles are broad and their interpretation is not at all tainted by the insecurities that plague most of the rest of us.  that’s what i think is so magical about them.


one of my favorite quotes about the gift of our children.

one of my favorite quotes about the gift of our children.

these kids all have a bond. time slipped by and they’ve not been together for years yet when we got together this weekend it was as if no time had passed at all.  the last time we spent together was a magical trip three years ago to the Great Sand Dune National Park for spring break.  it was one of my favorite vacations ever…  and they connection they shared then continues today.  watching them run, play, laugh and enjoying a few hours together made my heart so happy.

childhood is a powerful lesson for adults.  it’s a powerful reminder of how we too should look at life–unjudging, carefree and completely and totally in the moment.

my friend (also an ovarian cancer survivor) has a tattoo on her arm that i admire…three simple words that we all need to remember:  “be here now”.

i learn from children all the time and love letting their untouched innocence smother me with possibility and passion for the only true moment we ever have:  NOW.

while we were enjoying sunday’s playdate i asked my friend to use my camera and get some shots as she is a fantastic photographer with a style all her own: Sally Clark Photography


are you taking the time to capture the magic of your kids’ simple days?  call me, call sally-call any photographer you admire–just get these days documented and the sweet, simple innocent days of your family forever preserved!

some much needed reflective time….

sometimes i just need to be around art…to soak it all in and really experience it. all alone. and i like that i can use this creative space of mine to write about my adventures and to show clients a bit about who i am what inspires me.

so when i saw that the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver was holding Mark Mothersbaugh’s “(click link from the NY Times article) Myopia” exhibit i made a plan for some much needed “me” time. (well, technically me and my camera time…)


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colorado’s special light…{littleton family photography}

light moves me. it makes my heart sing when i am behind my cameras (which are equipped with good lenses, opened wide. and ready to soak in said light). add all of these with the magical connection of a special friend and her family and this is just about the perfect recipe for this family photographer.

i loved these images as soon as i shot them. i felt a strong connection to the brilliant light and, of course, to the lovely family. (this is one of my special locations that never disappoints when it comes to the background and the way the light dances within it.

these images were shot during such a busy time this fall that i just didn’t get around to blogging them…and today, the 7th of february in colorado it is 70 degrees and sunny so i thought it was a perfect day to relive that late september day when all this magic happened!

have you scheduled your family portrait session yet?


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