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i have to admit that on this snowy day in colorado on the coolest and most rad sledding hill in littleton i was THE ONLY person there with a camera (phones don’t count) documenting the giggles and smiles brighter than the snow covering the ground.

why is that? memories of sledding will last a lifetime. and they should. these memories should be captured and securely placed in the official family album.

when i am sledding with my family i feel alive and free. my kids faces express the pure happiness they are experiencing. i see moms, dads, babies, teens, tweens, and even dogs running around completely blissful. to me it’s the perfect time to whip out a camera.

or to hire a photographer to document you and your family.

so–as i post these pics of my family enjoying such moments captured by their mom {who just happens to be a professional photographer}–i am thinking of you and your family.

i love people who love life…so who’s brave enough to take me up on my offer to capture all of you during the next sledding adventure? for local peeps (within 20 miles of denver) i am offering a 1/2 price deal session fee/with images package…for me to show up and spend an hour documenting your time together for the first 2 responders.

hit me with some comment love if you are in and want more details.



True Grace…

this is one of those posts where there are few words needed. so I will stick to the basics and let the images speak for themselves.

ethan has burkitts lyymphoma. he’s been battling it since early this fall. he’s still struggling. he is 6.

from the beginning the family has been filled with God’s grace and love and it shows in the love that exists around and between them.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT THIS FAMILY. medical bills will surely follow them for years to come.

the twinkle in this little boy’s eyes makes my heart swell. please keep this family in your prayers.

ethan gehman jpeg sept 2014
gehman's re-export web1
gehman's re-export web

here’s the story…of lovely (expanded) family…{littleton family photographer}

this is a complicated story. yet it is a simple story at the same time. and where we had two separate families we now have one.
i love the love this family shares.
i love the commitment. i love the laughter.
i love the struggles they faced apart and i love the happily-ever-after-ending.

(oh yeah–and i love how these guys love to have fun. i could have put the whole blog together with fun outtakes!)

can’t wait for the wedding this summer. i don’t do a lot of weddings but this one i wouldn’t miss for the world!

first there were three…

then there were three more (missing from the photo is ‘allie’)

then they all came together to make a brand new fun and happy family!

all because these two fell in love…

shelley - January 5, 2015 - 2:31 pm

great pics! great story! they all look so happy!

Meet Allan…{a true Thanksgiving story}

as an artist and as a fellow human soul navigating this crazy world…it’s always such an honor that people allow me in to capture them. it requires a quiet trust and it’s not something i take for granted. it’s an honor that they let their guard down and let me and my camera see into their soul–to be one in it’s calm presence for a short while..

my dear friend Amanda introduced me recently to Allan and we’ve since developed a true connection and a forever friendship. Amanda is one of the kindest souls i’ve EVER encountered. i’m honored to know her. and i learn from her kindness and humanitarianism all the time. she’s co-written this piece about Allan to accompany the photos i took a few weeks ago.

my life is forever enriched for knowing both of them.

if you are interested in joining us in welcoming allan to our great country and helping him as he starts his new life here please contact me in the comment section below. he deserves a great start and will surely turn any kindness you pass along to him into great things.

Allan, a 19 year old man arrived in Denver, Colorado, on October 17, 2014.

Allan’s journey began as a child in Uganda. Allan fled his homeland, for humanitarian reasons, as an orphan, at 15 for Kenya. Allan was homeless on the streets of Nairobi for three months as he made his way to Kakuma. Allan spent almost 4 years in a Refugee Camp – Kakuma, in Kenya, awaiting approval from the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the United Nations High Commission for Refuge relocation and safety in the United States. Kakuma is the second largest refugee camp in the world. Angelina Jolie started an all girl school there, the Lost Boys of Sudan, were in Kakuma, prior to relocation. This is a grueling and arduous process, not for the faint at heart. There are over 120,000 refugees seeking relocation services in Camp Kakuma alone. The inhabitants that call this their ‘refuge’ are from Uganda, Sudan, Somalia and Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and the Congo. They travel with the clothes on their back, and are provided a tarp, canteen and cooking pan to start their new life. It is important to know that the choice to stay in their homeland will in most circumstances inevitably result in their death at the hands of their own people and or their government.They are fleeing to save their life.

Allan has shared with us his valiant and tenacious ability to survive and thrive despite atrocious condition in Uganda and Kakuma. 6 kg of Maize (ground corn) was distributed to him every two weeks as his food source. He then had to be resourceful and barter for wood and oil to cook the maize so that he could eat once a day. Often times he ran out of maize and went without food for days, awaiting the next disbursement of food. 6 kilograms is 13 plus pounds of ground corn.

Water is a precious commodity in the arid African desert, temperatures reach 120 degrees on a regular basis. Each refugee is given a canteen which holds 2 1/2 gallons of water. This water is for consumption, bathing, cooking and laundry. Allan explained that he had to tie the canteen to his body and get up at 4:30 am to wait in line for hours for when the water would be turned on. The water was available from 1-2 pm. Often people would fight and be seriously injured in their attempt for this precious life altering commodity. If you had to go to the bathroom during that time frame, you could easily loose your place in line.

With Christmas approaching, I recall the story Allan shared with us as I had prepared scrambled eggs for him and we sat at the kitchen table listening to his story. It was Christmas time, I was alone at the Refugee camp, many people there have families, but I was alone. I had 5 cents. I thought to myself, what can I buy with 5 cents? I was all alone, but I was able to buy a lollipop.

Allan maximized his time and opportunities offered in the refugee camp. He is impassioned with cinematography and film. An international organization Film Aid, took him on as an apprentice and student for three years. Allan is a certified Filmmaker, editor and cinematographer. Did I mention that he is fluent in English, Swahili, Luganda, Gishu, and Rwandu.

Allan shared that a long term goal of his is to start an orphanage when he is financially successful. He envisions running the non-profit business from the United States, and providing an education and or training in an area of interest to the children so that they too can follow their passion with hope and have a dream of freedom from poverty and social injustice.

I have witnessed spaghetti and pizza being tasted for the first time. Allan has an affinity for pineapple, and chose pineapple and Canadian bacon for the toppings of his first pizza. He loves Chiapatti, as we have come to call tortilla’s, with rice and beans and chicken-quesadilla style.

To experience the snow and frigid cold temperatures through Allan’s eyes and senses this week is innocence and childlike abandon and expiration, all encompassing.

The Red String of Fate is a Chinese theory that states that there is an invisible red thread that ties us humans together, connecting us with humans that we are meant to encounter. Without question this kind and sweet soul divinely touched our hearts. We have a middle son, his name is Allan. I cannot imagine my world without him.

Allan despite his tremendous suffering has survived, and is guided by angels. I admire and adore this young man who inexplicably came into our lives three weeks ago. My life is enriched and blessed for having him in our family. He touches my maternal heart and soul, he teaches me the meaning of true love and God’s grace.


Shelley Driver - November 27, 2014 - 7:02 pm

Perspective! How utterly amazing and beautiful!

Shelley Driver - November 27, 2014 - 7:06 pm

Perspective. What a beautiful yet painful story. We are so blessed.

What does our dear Allan need? Happy to help another soul! Lovely words by Amanda Jane! xoxo

Jim Urban - November 28, 2014 - 8:05 am

love what you are doing for this man! You are truly serving!

a teacher’s love… {littleton family photography}

look at this lovely family!

look at this lovely family!







my mom was a dedicated and devoted teacher in the public schools for over 30 years. and because teaching was so much a part of her life it was so much a part of mine as well. so i truly get the power and importance of pedagogy. but until you see said power unfold in front of your own parental eyes you never really do get it. and even though i spent several years working in our children’s school myself-it never ceases to amaze me. what surprises me the most is watching the lengths teachers will go to ensure kids are not only educated but that they are also empowered, uplifted and emotionally supported too. we’ve been so blessed with AMAZING teachers for our sons each and every year that we’ve be part of our neighborhood school.

and this year i got to give the gift of photography to my youngest’s outstanding teacher. (still waiting for you to take me up on my offer from last year MR.L!)

i was a para educator for kiddos with Autism in this lovely lady’s classroom last year and was completely in awe of how amazing she was to them. hugs, extra attention, patience, kindness, compassion and passion for inclusion are just a few words that come to mind. and then thoughts of countless examples of each of these words fill my mind. countless. and i smile.

so fast forward to this year when my son (who also has autism) is in her class. as parents we all trade our children’s days for the education they receive. we are beyond blessed to leave our child in YOUR sweet hands Erin (and also the hands of another amazing para educator miss michele). what a true joy it is to see you hug EACH kiddo as they leave the classroom after the bell rings with an embrace that is no different than we parents see you give your own children.

it’s an honor to know you and your lovely family. i love the love that you guys share. and i loved capturing it for you.

these photos are a gift from all of the parents in the ASD program at our school for all that you do and all that you’ve done for all of them throughout the years.