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a family affair…{littleton family photographer}


it was divine intervention…i offered a gift certificate to our church for family portraits with all the bells and whistles for our annual auction. when i found out who the family was that won it i knew it was going to be more of a gift to me than to them. 1.5 hours together meandering, chatting and looking for magical afternoon light–and just like that–we were friends. we clicked immediately and our session was fab.

i do pride myself on making our time together fun and memorable. so i plan to move the location around so that we can have time to chat and get to know one another. heck sometimes we even have enough time to learn what makes us ‘tick’. when that happens it’s even better.

portrait artist are a dime a dozen and so many of us are truly talented with the camera. but having that is only part of the magic that photography provides. i am a story teller and a relationship-capturer rather than just someone to takes photos. i create images and memories that result from a special time of being together.

tick tick. both nancy and i knew we understood one another and within our smiles we knew a friendship was blossoming!

nancy is the director of music at our church and immensely talented. heck so is the whole family. and the bond they share is enlightening and inspiring. the smiles were never forced and the relationship between these guys was so obvious. it inspired me by giving me a glimpse of what’s to come with my boys. and i hope that we too will share a bond like this and as time passes and that our laughs will be this deeply connected and joyful.

i hope you can see the light that filters through this family via these images just like i do.











brent’s place…

giving back is very important to me.  and being able to give the gift of photography makes my heart sing.  i so wanted to do some work for brent’s place this spring but was too sick with a reduced immunity myself that i wasn’t able.   so i was so excited to get the chance to spend some time here and meet a couple of amazing families.

There is a place where families are offered hope and healing when facing the most demanding time of their lives. There is a place where kids being treated for life threatening cancer can still be kids. This place is Brent’s Place.

Since its inception, Brent’s Place has remained the only Children’s Hospital Colorado approved “Safe-Clean” housing facility for immune compromised patients and their families, providing a living environment that is essential to healing and recovery. Conveniently located near the Anschutz Medical Campus, Brent’s Place is designed to offer families “Safe-Clean” individualized housing in an environment virtually free from dander, dust, mold and other infectious agents.
Brent’s Place, a program and facility created by the Brent Eley Foundation, bridges the gap between the hospital and going home.

a bright light surrounded this young man and his family and i was quite affected by it.   energy, chemistry, life force– i felt it all in a rush of emotions when this family and i crossed paths.  this was their second round as guests at Brent’s place and Izaac and his family (and myself as well) felt his fate was changing for the better.

a few days after these photos were taken his scan came back clean–no new cancer!

so his future is bright and his  journey continues.

i am inspired to ‘see and feel’ such love with via my camera and my lens.  and i am thrilled (honored and humbled) to meet fellow warriors in this battle against cancer.

brents place december 2013 jpeg

brents place december 2013 jpeg1
brents place december 2013 jpeg3

special high school seniors..{littleton high school senior photographer}

i consider it an honor when i get a call for senior portraits.  why?–because these guys (and gal) are special.  they glow with opportunity, promise, enthusiasm, passion and, well…youth.  i am so attracted to the light that surrounds them and the energy pushing them into their futures.  it’s like i can see into their futures and all that is possible and probable and i find such comfort being around that energy.

another reason i love photographing seniors it that they are so flexible and open to new locations and styles of photography.  i love stepping out of my creative comfort zone.  i love interacting with their parents to get real smiles and to create special images together…(did you know that any photos my high school senior clients get in with their parents during our session are free?)  being a cancer survivor i insist on parents jumping in and documenting their special relationship with their son or daughter during this powerful time in their lives!
{and i know that they will treasure these images more than the actual senior photo they choose. i wish i had a photo of my mom and i from circa 1899 1988}
heck–i just love everything about my time doing this type of photography….the only part i am bad about it blogging on a timely manner.  augh…i’m so far behind.

and for that reason i am going to combine some of my favorite images from this fall’s session with these bright stars (and their parents too!)
so blake, karl, anthony and irania–i can’t wait to hear about your adventures and accomplishments. please please stay in touch! wishing you a wonderful senior year and beyond. and thank you for trusting me to capture this energetic time of promise in your lives.
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inner and outer beauty…{littleton family photographer}

this lady and her family have shown me what selflessness is.  they’ve solidified how vital the gift of friendship is.  and my sweet friend has been just like family to me this past year.

countless times she’s helped with my children and my family, taken me to treatment and endlessly– literally and figuratively–picked me up off of the floor and helped me onto my feet.  (after my surgery we were out having some pizza with friends and i passed out onto her…so, rather than enjoying our pizza and drinks she and the group of friends (and my sweet sister) spent the evening with me in the local ER.  they all never left my side until i was released.  a very powerful memory for me and probably for the doctors as there were 5 of us in that ER room for hours!)

she is the definition of a best friend.  and i am so proud to know her and be part of her life.

look at her and her beautiful family.  a-mazing.  no question that karma is at play here.

can you see how much i love this family in the images?  i sure hope you can and they can too.

the light was pure perfection for our session together.  i am proud of them for accepting this gift from my heart for all that they have been to us over the years.

i.  love. all.  of.  you.  DEARLY.


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into the eyes of the future….{littleton high school senior photographer}

high school senior photography is my favorite photography for many reasons.  it’s a chance to peek into the future, to feel the energy of a different generation and to bask in their light for a bit.  and this young man’s light was quite bright.

we traveled to a few different locations and got some fun shots.  and i loved that mom joined us and even jumped into several of the photos with her precious boy!  {and in honor of my recent battle with cancer i am even more passionate about moms being in photos–so i tell all of them that if you get into some photos with your kiddos that those images are always free!)  so glad she took advantage of my offer as you can see where her son gets those good looks from!)

thanks for trusting me to capture this wonderful time in your lives. can’t wait to see what wonderful things await this lovely young man!

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