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Ben and Megan…{Denver engagement photography}

these two are so sweet and so in love.  i really enjoyed bopping around downtown for a few hours to get some great shots!  they were up for anything!  (and i was lucky to have help from my talented fellow photographer…Kristina as well!)

we even got some shots at a not-yet-open-for-business bar and incorporated their love of reading to one another with some shots at the tattered cover in lodo.  we finished just as the storm moved into the city.  it was absolutely perfect!





the wedding next month.

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a day in the life of brock and drew… {littleton family photographer}

my first ever day in the life family session.  i want to do more and more and more of these as they are my passion in photography!

i loved this adorable family.

i loved their sweet and simple interactions.

i loved brock’s superman cape (handmade by grandma) complete with superman undies.

i loved everything about baby drew.

i loved how stunning mom looked and the love and light flowing from her beautiful green eyes.

i loved the lovely natural light.

i loved the images of dad loving on his new daughter.

i love the raw and intimate images of mom feeding drew in the nursery.  (those are too delicate and personal to show but trust me–they are so amazing.)

and mostly i loved how they trusted me to enter into their personal space and create memories to last a lifetime!  thank you thank you thank you!  the love you share is just heartwarming in every way.

andrea and dan blog collage 1
andrea and dan blog collage 2
andrea and dan blog collage 3
andrea and dan blog collage 4
andrea and dan blog collage 5
andrea and dan blog collage 6
andrea and dan blog collage 7
andrea and dan blog collage 8


Kat - April 27, 2016 - 8:19 am

I love everything about this!!!

Shelley Driver - April 27, 2016 - 8:39 am

Brock the Rock has gotten so big! Love the pictures. What a happy family!

bald is definitely beautiful (a blog post in her own words)… {arvada lifestyle photographer}

My name is Gianna Lombardi and I am a cancer fighter. I have not and do not have cancer and I cannot speak for those who do, but I am a cancer fighter.
Cancer has never been at play in my life until I got to college. When searching for an internship to work and gain experience in communication and event planning I found Epic Experience at my schools career fair. Having never been around anyone with cancer in my life and being very uneducated about it I was nervous to be working for a cancer non-profit, but excited for the opportunity. Epic Experience holds week long outdoor adventure camps for adult cancer fighters and survivors in the Rocky Mountains. The main goal of this camp to teach fighters and survivors that the can live BEYOND cancer! They can white water kayaks, do yoga, horse back ride and many more amazingly fun activities with the worries and reminders of their cancer forgotten and overcome while at camp. After attending camp and listening to these campers stories, struggles and hope, I was no longer afraid of cancer. It is cancer that should be afraid of these brace and astounding fighters…
I fell in love with the people and the culture of cancer, though it is a malicious and cruel disease, I have seen more hope, adventure, fearlessness, bravery, fun, and above all, love, than any other place of work I have been exposed to. I knew this is where my passion, my heart, and my career would be for the rest of my life. And I am so thankful to Epic Experience, Nancy and Colin Ferro and the cancer support groups and what they do for others.
A year later in my junior year of college my lacrosse team at Regis University was paired with a program called Team Impact. This program matches children with life-threatening illnesses to college sport teams. My life was forever changed on February 24th, 2014 when Daisy Walsh , 7 (now 9 years old) became my new team member. Daisy has brain and spine cancer and has relapsed twice, but has defied all odds. Her cancer is usually only treatable once and if replacing a second time, there is no cure and usually no response to treatment. The still is no cure for her cancer, and she is still fighting, but has made it through her second relapse with her treatments slowing her cancer growth. She will not be cancer free, but we always have hope that one day there will be a cure, always.
To help fight this cure, there is St. Baldricks, a children’s cancer research foundation. Their work and funds raised to help research cancer directly related to children’s cancer is crucial. Only 4% of  national cancer research funding goes to research for children’s cancers.  The St. Bald ricks events were created to raise this money and are volunteer run! These volunteers are also crucial to this amazing foundation!
I decided to shave my head after a conversation I had with my dear little friend, teammate, and sister Daisy one morning during her chemo treatment at the hospital. What was left of  Daisy’s fine, delicate, and beautiful black hair was falling out and her mom, Natalie, suggested she just shave her head as to not having to worry about the mess it was causing. Daisy rejected the idea in fear of what being bald would mean; she feared being made fun of at school and after losing so much control of her own body, cancer could not take her hair too. This made me realize how much I took my hair for granted, and how I wanted to show Daisy that you can still be stunningly beautiful, feminine, and in control of your body. For me, I was thankful that I had the choice to shave my head losing all 24+ inches of my dark, long hair. For Daisy and many cancer fighters, there in no choice, just dealing with the shots cancer continuously blows at you.
I feel so honored to represent Daisy, childhood cancer research, and cancer fighters with a bald head. I have the pleasure of being a walking representative to help raise more awareness for this malicious and cruel disease. I LOVE my bald head. I feel liberated, confident, admired, brave, beautiful, striking, respected, grateful, sexy, free, and responsible more so than I ever did with hair. I am a woman of the Lord, a daughter, a friend, an employee, a sister, a best friend, and though I am not a cancer survivor, I am a cancer fighter and will continue to fight it with all my heart and none of my hair proudly and shamelessly. #morethan4 #hopefordaisy #nohairdontcare #BALDISBEAUTIFUL
Gianna M. Lombardi

Olivia and Skyler (and mom dad)…{golden family photographer}

it is an honor to be called back to work with a family over the years.  i get to witness the growth and changes and the love between the years magnified.  it makes my heart sing.  and at times, when i am editing i tear up with emotion.  in many ways these families are part of my heart too and i get overwhelmed with emotion at how lucky i am to do my job.  photography is my passion, no doubt, but interacting with these families and building friendships with them goes way beyond that.  i am blessed…i am so blessed.

i got to do newborn photos with the family when olivia came along, then her first birthday (smash cake party-see images below):

Screenshot 2016-02-28 09.38.20
Screenshot 2016-02-28 09.42.07

and now the addition of little skyler.  wow.

honestly, when i go into this family’s home i never want to leave.  the energy is so positive, the decorating and feel is magnetic and the love they share makes me tear up.

i wanted up to the house to see this girl (miss olivia now 2.5) swinging HIGH up in the sky-huge smiles on both her and her daddy’s face.  i got to talk about their family travels a bit with dad.  i love the passion he has for adventures with the loves of his life.


and then in the doorway stood beautiful and glowing mom with her newborn son.  wow.  i couldn’t wait to get my camera on them.  and once again-this family didn’t disappoint when i came to creative reign.  they just wanted photos in their personal spaces of them just being together!  truly my passion in photography…capturing life as it is when it happens most!

so creatively placed on the walls throughout the house were images i had taken…cherished and proudly displayed.  it made me swell with pride.  not only do they treasure professional photography but mom has an amazing sense of style in creatively decorating her walls with it.

thanks G family for continually trusting me to capture the sprit of your lovely and newly expanded family.  congrats!


Rocky Mountain Autism Center’s staff portraits {Littleton business photographer}

i love portraits.  and the chance to showcase a person’s personality and the light that exists within them is very exciting for me.  so when i got the call again this year from RMAC i jumped as always.

Rocky Mountain Autism Center has trusted me to do their entire web site photography for the past several years… {HERE is a link to last year’s staff headshots}  and I am so proud of our long term creative relationship.  but even more importantly…this staff (especially Dr. Pat Rydell) helped our son Casey with therapy for over 4 years.  (He was diagnosed with classic autism at 26 months.)  Dr. Rydell did amazing one-on-one therapy with Casey and allowed me to join every session.  I learned so much over the years about autism spectrum disorder (and my need to brush up on my parenting skills) and so did Casey.  Honestly–we would not be where we are today without his services as well as RMAC.  i just love all that they do for our kiddos and families who want to incorporate therapy into every aspect of life.

hats off to ALL therapist for giving so selflessly of themselves for the social, language and occupational therapy needs of our kids!





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