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the loves of my life….

SIGH…. i love photography and i love blogging.  i am just struggling to find time do to ‘it all” lately. but today i got some images of MY LIFE.  MY BOYS that i just can’t resist sharing.  it was my older son’s first violin concert.  i could not have possibly been prouder of how hard…

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then and now….{littleton lifestyle photographer}

ANYONE who really knows me knows that i am beyond quirky and completely obsessed with pictures and capturing “the moment”. shout out to those of you that still love me despite my faults and who have put up with my camera obsession over the years (namely tamara, tiffany, kay, janie, sally, my husband, my children…

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rocky mountain high….(colorado lifestyle photography)

i’ve struggled to find the words to properly describe the sound of hiking boots clomping on a rocky trail (mixed with the sound of paws pounding alongside). and what about words for the smell of the evergreen and pine trees? or what about the words to describe the wind blowing the early fall aspen leaves–almost…

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