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are ya havin’ any fun?….whatcha getting outta livin…? {tony bennett}

“are you having any fun?” you tube it… and play it loudly while you are reading this post! i LOVE that song…and all it’s reminders that “you ain’t gonna live forever–before you’re old and gray and still ok have yourself a little fun!” we listen to that song loudly and often. so this weekend we…

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then and now….{littleton lifestyle photographer}

ANYONE who really knows me knows that i am beyond quirky and completely obsessed with pictures and capturing “the moment”. shout out to those of you that still love me despite my faults and who have put up with my camera obsession over the years (namely tamara, tiffany, kay, janie, sally, my husband, my children…

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mother’s day… {what’s YOUR plan?}

i have so much passing running through me. problem is that i almost never have the time to express it or to document it for that matter. but alas today i have some time on my hands–along with a nasty sinus/throat infection–so look out. so-without further adieu–today’s soap box is about mother’s day. and about…

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