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the gorgeous glow of pregnancy and motherhood.

in my mind, there is nothing more amazing than the glow of a woman expecting. their glowing skin, their shiny and smooth hair, and the eyes glossy with hope and thoughts of the future. i know also that most of the women i know, including myself when i was expecting, never view themselves this way. but experience has taught me that it is a time to document. and that it will be a time looked back on with joy and happiness.

i regret not getting maternity pics taken of myself to celebrate the joy of pregnancy, the glow and those glossy eyes. you’d think that after years and years of surgeries and infertiliy treatments that i would have indulged in a photograph or two. sad.

beth, on the other hand agreed to allow me to capture this magical time in her life. her daughter joined us. the time we had together was fun and easy. i think the images reflect her beauty and the bond with her daughter. as we were finishing up her hubby agreed to jump into a few pics. perfect.

thanks guys for displaying my work in your lovely store:

thanks for choosing me to capture this extraordinary time in your lives.

and for those of you on the fence about getting a photo session or maternity session done–don’t wait. life is meant to be celebrated and remembered.

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ferfischer - August 1, 2009 - 9:12 pm

Just gorgeous. I sure wish I had looked that good while pregnant (or even not pregnant for that matter!) Love these though!

Lavender Luz - August 2, 2009 - 8:36 am

"life is meant to be celebrated and remembered."

Which is just one (of many) reasons I'm so glad you are my family's photographer and friend.

Beth and her family are beautiful.

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