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the strongest of bonds…{golden family photographer}

i am not going to lie–mother and son photos are my favorite.  (mostly because i have two sons of my own of course!)

but i know how hard it is for moms to trade their position from behind the camera to in front of it.  for one reason or another ‘we’ moms are always too timid, too busy, too concerned about this or that to jump into the photos.  ‘we’d’ rather make sure things are perfect and the moment is being captured than think about ourselves and the necessity to capture the connection we have with our families.

so when i got the call to do these photos i was over the moon!  (and i still am when i look at these powerful images!).

when K called and mentioned she wanted to do photos “by where she runs in the morning as it’s so inspiring and beautiful” with her gorgeous son–i honestly couldn’t wait to get the session on my calendar.

oftentimes i look back at photos from when my boys were young…and i was a young.  it amazes me the thing called “the passage of time“.  it’s stunning how quickly it goes and how striking the past seems when its gone gone gone.

mothering is magical and, quite often, never gets properly captured.  the bond is so strong and, to me as an artist, the everyday becomes the extraordinary.

i’ll pull up from images and sit with each of my sons.  i’ll ask:  “do you remember when we did this?” or “how much fun we had while strolling at the zoo…”.  most of the time when i ask they don’t remember.

but i do.

and the photos help keep those memories so colorful for me and for them.

so K–i hope these images forever color your special and powerful relationship with your stunning son.

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