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then and now….{littleton lifestyle photographer}

ANYONE who really knows me knows that i am beyond quirky and completely obsessed with pictures and capturing “the moment”. shout out to those of you that still love me despite my faults and who have put up with my camera obsession over the years (namely tamara, tiffany, kay, janie, sally, my husband, my children and those members of my family that continue to not avoid me). cheers to you all–as i do realize how annoying difficult i can be as an artist and as a friend–most of the time!

but i guess one of the most annoying things i did recently probably pushed poor tiffany and kay over the edge!

i was putting some prints into a scrapbook and noticed one beautifully image printed on lovely metallic paper. i looked at it and smiled. it’s always been one of my favorite images of a group of my sons’ friends semi-posing by a garage door at a local park. it was a simple moment frozen in time. well more like it was probably a forced moment where i insisted that the kids stop what fun they were having to stand for a series of photos for me. most of them were grumbling except for of course my sons who, by now, know that the BEST way to get on with their day is to just stand, smile and get it over with (poor little guys–they’ve had to put up with me so many times that i’ve worn them down!). the particular image resonates with me for a couple of reasons:

1. it showcases a simple day in their lives and forever freezes it
2. it showcases the bond of friendship between them
3. it highlights their youth
4. they reek of innocence, purity

anyway–i called up my friend and begged asked her if she was up for some crazy spontaneity on an early release from school afternoon. more than likely fearing for her life–she agreed. we dressed the kids in similar attire to what they wore two years ago, took them to the park and lined ’em up. note: the more time that passes the harder it is to get said small children to cooperate so i bribed them with maggie moo’s ice cream. i only got about 4 frames before they were off–but it worked. (and it only cost me about $20!). (honestly i am thinking that as the years go in it will take much more than ice cream to get them to cooperate!!)

since these guys are all friends (as are the mommies)–i am hoping to repeat this every summer for as long as we can. my heart soars when i see how much they’ve changed. their personalities are evolving and they move along in childhood. ahh–i so adore (and despise) the passage of time.

so here’s to next summer’s gathering at the ole’ garage door!

thanks to all who cooperated in this fun but crazy idea of mine–! and thanks for putting up with me over they years.

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