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three GORGEOUS generations at the barn…{littleton family photographer}

mom (mia).



another ‘just because photo session”.

i look at ‘mia’ and can’t help but feel happy…doesn’t she have the BEST smile! and her daughter and granddaughter are so so lovely and beautiful as well. i love documenting family histories and especially love these ‘anytime’ photo sessions where we meet for no reason other than we can and we should. it’s an investment in the power of now.

and interesting note about this session i that i asked the client to tag the photos they liked best so that i could showcase them on the blog. as an artist it is usually my job to pic the ‘best’ photos. i struggle majorly with this (stop laughing SALLY!). i am horrible at narrowing down the gallery to only ‘the best’ photos and often give the client WAY too many images to choose from. it’s so hard for me (nearly immpossible) to be the one to pick what is the ‘best’ photo since, in my humble opinion, it’s so subjective. the photo itself may be perfect (exposure wise) but not to the client’s liking. a wrinkle, a turned eye, hair out of place or not (to the client) an honest image of how they view themselves can all work to make that perfect image (exposure wise) not even a top 10 in their eye.

the photos the client selected were so surprising to me–as they were almost never images i would have chosen to put up on the blog–or even favorites of mine (there were over 200 images from our two hour session together that i selected to put in the gallery). i find it so interesting so see which images they select of themselves. it proves my point all the more–!

but i loved the interaction between us as she selected her favs for showcasing. and i love the lesson i learn over and over again in photography….the ‘best’ images are the ones the client loves the best. no such thing as ‘perfect’ photos…only ones that are loved and admired that make it into the photos albums, onto the walls and into the family history.

thanks to mia and her girl for a wonderful morning at my favorite place to shoot-the barn. thanks for trusting in me to capture the beauty that is your life and the magical relationships you have with your daughter and granddaughter!

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